Our Holistic Process

One thing our clients appreciate about working with us is that we don’t believe in cookie-cutter financial services or a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we follow a meticulous process designed to help get to know each client’s situation, goals and level of risk tolerance so that we can make appropriate recommendations to meet their needs. Everyone is different and we may amend our approach to suit a specific client, but in general, we utilize the following process to help those we're privileged to serve.

Step 1

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Step 2
Data/Fact Gathering

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Step 3

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Step 4

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Step 5

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Step 8

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Step 1: Approach/Understand

We like to call this initial meeting the "right fit" meeting. We discuss your current situation and where you're trying to get, your objectives and your dreams, and our process. From there we can determine if we're a good fit to work together; and plan the next steps. Although we like to have in person meetings, this initial meeting and other steps of our process can and sometimes are conducted over the phone or web.

Step 2: Data/Fact Gathering

We start gathering information and designing your plan from the very first conversation. In this stage, we obtain detailed and comprehensive facts, crystalize objectives, and gather pertinent documents. This in depth process may be lengthy and require some back and forth dialogue and is the most crucial part of our planning process, requiring full disclosure. For our existing clients, as things change, we start back at this stage to make sure that we're up to date on your current situation.

Step 3: Organize/Analyze

We work with you to prioritize your objectives and analyze the details of your current situation detail. It's critical that we have an accurate view of your current situation and ensure that your objectives are realistic, measurable, and achievable. This stage may require us visit with other advisors that you're currently or planning on working with.

Step 4: Design/Develop

We work with our strategic resources. Our resources include a access to a group of professionals with expertise in law, tax and accounting, insurance and investment professionals, and advanced planning consultants. Together, we design a comprehensive plan, run "what-if" scenarios, and create alternative options to ensure that your plan has flexibility to meet changing needs and environment.

Step 5: Present/Revise

Here, you're able to see your complete plan, with a long term perspective. We present your plan in a written report, allowing you to see the positive impact to your financial and personal planning*. If the plan needs to be revised, we're able to easily make modifications.

Step 6: Coordinate

Many times, your plan may suggest coordination with your tax and legal advisor in order to implement the strategies. We make sure that all the advisors understand your plan, discuss their role in the process, and we hold each other accountable.

Step 7: Monitor/Service

We'll implement your strategy, working closely with you and your other third party professionals to ensure its success. We work with the different insurance and investment firms to make sure accounts are set up properly and review the accounts for completion.

Step 8: Monitor/Service

Life is a motion film, not a snap shot. As your life and the economy changes, strategies need to be adjusted. We'll monitor and work with you over the years to keep your plan on track. This is where we provide the greatest value for one another and aim to be in your corner when you need us.

*Financial Planning offered through Srikant's affiliation with Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.