Who We Are : Journey Financial Strategies, Oklahoma City, OK

Who We Are

Who We Are

Journey Financial is a group of passionate and determined team members focused on helping clients achieve the necessary financial peace and confidence to relentlessly pursue their goals and objectives. Precise, unbiased, and thorough planning, using academic and relevant proven strategies, is our goal.

We help you identify and understand your goals, evaluate your current position, and develop and execute a comprehensive plan by providing financial services and guidance. Through our vast network of other advisors, our advanced planning resource and access to many insurance and financial services institutions, we’re able to provide solutions that not only work well together, but are in your best interest.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to not only provide value, but to BE valuable in our clients’ lives. We aim to equip our clients in the relentless pursuit of their dreams, while growing and preserving our clients’ and our community’s wealth.

Value Proposition

Journey Financial Strategies is committed to your financial goals, security, and the achievement of your success and peace-of-mind. We will work with you, through a comprehensive, plan-centric approach, to define, prioritize, and realize your unique goals.

We work as an advocate for you
We sit on the same side of the table as you do
We are planning-focused, not product-focused
We offer you connections to a wide network of resources
YOU will always be our client, never your money

The Elephant in the Room

Elephants have been revered for centuries by cultures around the world for their characteristic representation of strength, wisdom, and tenacity. Extremely strong and protective of their herd, they captivate us with their caring and peaceful demeanor, while also approaching challenges with bravery and keen intelligence. Elephants also represent a deeper meaning with regard to the struggles that many of us face when attempting financial planning on our own. We have all heard the expression about “the elephant in the room,” and the infamous saying, “There’s only one way to eat an elephant – that is, one bite at a time.” Those phrases lie beneath the very essence of our practice. Financial strategies and security, whether for ourselves, for our business, or for our estate, isn’t a small or easy task. That is why we believe so strongly in serving as an advocate for our clients and becoming their seasoned and knowledgeable advisors, helping them achieve the things that they so deeply desire in their own lives. So, whether it’s talking about the difficult issues, holding each other accountable, or simply knowing where to start or how to reach the finish, that is where our JOURNEY TOGETHER begins.

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